I’m XOOXOO, artist and graphic designer from Poland. I’m specialized in vector art but I also have vast experience in creating brand identities and product design. A lot of my projects are made for the fashion and textile industry and because of that they are designed with commercial awareness. In my portfolio you can see examples of patterns and prints for clothes and accessories. I love to create high-quality content for other artists and using my knowledge of the psychology of visual perception to create theatrical posters, portfolios, and cd covers that catch people attention. In all of my works I have a holistic and consistent approach to design and focus on the clarity of the message that needs to be shown to the recipients.

In more personal artworks I like to experiment with stains and lines and create designs that are eye-catching and appealing to contemporary people’s imagination. I use reduction and geometrization to get strong messages and often play with vivid colors, contrasts, and bold, simplified forms.

If you have any questions or you’re interested in one of my designs or some form of cooperation please let me know using CONTACT ME form. Maybe we can do something creative together 🙂

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