In our contemporary world we can have as many photos of ourselves and our loved ones as we truly desire. We can quickly modify them in many crafty ways using computer programs or even just apps on our smartphones. But photography has some limitations. Portrait not necessarily has to be realistic and conventional. It can burst with the energy of the person or show the complexity of her or his mind or imagination. My portraits are made from triangles and I create them using vectors so they can be printed even on large canvas. They are based on multiple photos and an interview because it’s always better to hear people’s stories. I use those sources as a base to create convincing images that have a little bit of personality sealed within.

In a slider below you can see some examples of my portraits:

Down below you can check some of my portraits of celebrities such as Bjork, David Bowie, Prince or Frida Kahlo.

Obviously there are not only triangles in this world so here are few exmples of monochromatic line art portraits: