Posters and brochures are almost always made for public space and mass consumption. They need to be appealing to a targeted type of audience and convey a clear message. Without a proper mix of photography or graphic elements and typography the content of posters and brochures will not be appealing to the customers. The whole design must be balanced and communicate a clear. Every page of a brochure or a side of the flyer needs to have consistency and contain proper and the most useful information and be attractive to the targeted audience.

Below you can see the movie showing certificate for Polish Custom Knives – shop selling artistic, handmade knives. We wanted to create certificates of authenticity that will reach the level of solid craftsmanship of those unique steel treasures. We used high-quality print and sophisticated paper with watermarks and elements that can be seen in infrared or ultraviolet light, dry stamp at the bottom, and big hologram in a frame at the top. Click Play if you want to see the details:

If you are interested in more of my works you can see some examples of posters and brochures below: