Vector graphics have the unique advantage over raster graphics in that the points, lines, and curves may be scaled up or down to any resolution with no problematic aliasing. The color gradients are all smooth, and the user can resize the image infinitely without losing any quality.


Children’s Illustrations

Vivid, bold illustrations made especially for children. Clear tones and simplified shapes encourage imagination and guide kids to the fantastic land of colorful dreams where magic can truly happen. Spacecats conquering the universe and settling new amazing planets in faraway galaxies, playful monkeys and cute little bunnies dancing happily with a little girl’s favorite doll, thunder making villain octopus, scary ghosts in a haunted house, ancient dragons chewing bubblegum and crazy space pirates who are indeed fluffy clouds and shiny adorable stars. Check out a few of my illustrations made especially for youngsters in a slider below:

Lifestyle Illustrations

Illustrations that are the reflection of our contemporary lifestyle. Simple and strong but with a clear meaning with carfully chosen colours and clear lines. Made mostly for microstock agencies.

Work and Office Stock Illustrations

Illustrations of everyday office life. Classic or with some humoristic accents. Made for small and big business to improve reports and presentations. Also helpful with creating business blog posts and infographics. You can buy my stock illustrations on Shutterstock.