I believe nowadays covers should really stand out to reach their audience. There are so many books and cd’s on the market that their communication needs to be precise and clear. They need to portrait the essence of work of art that they’re hiding inside, they need to catch customers gazes and be visible in the crowd of others.

Working with musicians is an extremely creative type of work. It’s always a challenge because it requires musical instinct and cultural knowledge. Creating a portfolio or musical cover for musicians goes in pair with multiple listenings of the music to feel their artistic soul to realize the message one wants to share with their audience. It also goes a little bit further into the future to feel what direction musicians are taking in their artistic journey. It’s great how visuals can describe sounds and enrich musical experience.

Michał Jaros

Working with other artists on multiple projects through a longer period can be even more holistic than creating brand identity for the companies. We started our work with Michał Jaros, a double bass player by designing CD cover for his first solo project. Jaros was already an experienced jazz musician with vast discography and sophisticated and solid style. We concentrated on searching the right tone for his already existing audience. We also needed to design the proper logo. We chose retro style to correspond with the gold years of jazz and stylize the first letters in vertical lines resembling the strings of the artist’s instrument – double bass.

Another project I had the pleasure to work on was “Komeda, Stories crafted with sounds” series of musical and visual events related to the 50th anniversary of the jazzman Krzysztof Komeda’s death. Komeda’s pioneering performances opened the way for jazz in Poland, they weren’t stiff musicians but rather innovative and bold artists. We wanted to portrait a fresh spirit of innovation and decided to keep our colors vivid and add a little aesthetic of neons, vinyl records, and that were popular during the pop-cultural revolution in America.

All of these projects couldn’t have been created in this form without the photos of a talented photographer Marta Ankiersztejn.

Postales Project

I’m so glad I was asked to participate in the very first edition of this wonderful, colorful project that took place in Mexico. There were two strong and creative women behind it – a Mexican vocalist, Jatziri Gallegos, and a Polish vocalist and violinist, Karolina Beimcik. The artists had the opportunity to perform together in New York, where they met while studying at the jazz department when they found out that both of them are fascinated by discovering the music of other cultures. They decided to share their experiences and create a project that would express it. My role was to illustrate it and fuse both Polish and Mexican folklore in one harmonic message. I created a brochure, portfolio, and of course postcards that were given to the audience during the concerts on both Mexican and Polish tours.

Rafał Sarnecki

Guitarist, composer, and arranger from Poland who spend most of his career in New York. As a leader of his own projects, he has toured China, South Korea, Malaysia, Chile, Israel, the East and West Coast of the US and many European countries. Thanks to that I’ve had the opportunity to create multiple variations of his portfolio in many different languages.

Karolina Beimcik

Karolina is a jazz singer and violinist finding herself in various musical aesthetics. She often intertwines jazz with folk music and always does it in her unique way. In a slider below you can see some of the examples of our long and successful cooperation. The style of those works varies depending on the project. Babooshki’s Project with Dana Vynnytska is warm and strongly inspired by Polish and Ukrainian folk music so the colors and general aesthetic is cheerful and vivid. I used repetitive images to bring the viewer the illusion of movement. Karolina Beimcik solo projects have more classical approach. They and intellectual and poetic.

All photos used in those materials are taken by Marta Ankiersztejn.