Cooperation of artists can bring maverlous effects. Here you can see some projects that are the result of an intense and creative teamwork.


Fabric Design

Hola! is young, Polish brand which creates unique clothes made especially for adventurous kids. Those clothes combine elegancy and comfort with cool streetwear design to ecourage freedom and style in our young ones. It was a pleasure to create fabric designs for such a brand. Hola’s clothes are always made of soft and natural, high quality fabrics so the prints look absolutely maverlous which is really rewarding.

Photoshoot – lookbook and editorial

My work for Hola! didn’t end up on creating pattern for fabrics. I was a coproducer of photoshoot – editorial and lookbook and created graphics coresponding with the photos. Photographies are made by fashion photographer Jacek Narkielun

All about creatures

All character designs are bold and contrast graphics. I found inspiration in children doodles, stamps, blots and stains. Simple sentences in speech balloons refer to the dialects in different parts of Poland. Those balloons create the dynamic of dialogue and bind the design together.


Working with musicans is also extremely creative. It’s great how visuals can describe sounds.

Michał Jaros


Rafał Sarnecki

Karolina Beimcik